Elementor #806

Who are we?

Line-Ma Oy is a representative, importer and seller of technical products in Porvoo. We have been a well-known player since 1962 in the steel process and foundry industry.

Thirty years ago we expanded our line into construction. Today our construction line works under the name Laastikulma .

As a new addition to our diverse operation we welcome Allaskate.fi.Allaskate.fi is a pool enclosure import and sales company.


What we do

Steel industry

We represent manufacturers of refractory materials and electrically conductive copper seals and castings. Our selection of products includes mass injectors and automated equipment for refractories.

Foundry industry

In our selection you'll find for example refractory masses, melting pots, sinkers, ceramic fibers, bricks, filters and other foundry materials.


In construction, we have focused on the import and sale of plasters and plastering machines, equipment and supplies. We also make gypsum floor pumping. See more info on the gypsum floor at laastikulma.fi.


 Oy Line-Ma Ab
       Simolinintie 1
       06100 Porvoo

email: linema@linema.fi  

phone +358 19 5244 922